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Pearls  for  the  Soul . . . home  of  the  Pearls  Series  of  books

home of the Pearls Series of books 

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Pearls Series Presents:
Pearls for the Soul, the book
A selection of over 800 positive, motivational, inspirational and uplifting sayings
Cover Price $12.95
Site Price: $6.95

Synopsis: The first book in the Pearls Series and to date, our best seller, Pearls for the Soul presents over 800 ways to change for the better the way your day and even your life is going, through these inspirational, thought and action provoking pearls of wisdom. The author's Judeo-Christian background led him to believe that if you feed the soul, or spirit in man, you have fed everything. He invites you, through his book, to eat heartily.

Supports and Promotes: Self-evidency, sharing, listening skills, shyness, meaningful dialogue and interaction in intimate, group or classroom settings; inspires deep, personal reflection and pondering, and is an excellent resource for motivational, inspirational or instructive speakers or teachers. 

Exposes: Shallowness and complacency; enabling, codependency and appeasing, by allowing one to explore and interpret for themselves.

Recommended forYourself and anyone and everyone you care for. This book makes an exceptional coffee table or bedside book, and is a meaningful gift for teachers, speakers, study groups, pastors and evangelists, as well as for all occasions, such as graduations, Mother’s and Father’s Day, hospital visits or get-well wishes, housewarmings, birthdays and any other occasion, whether you need a reason or not! 

Pearls for the Soul

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Pearls Series Presents... 
In Seeking Cupid, Don't Be Stupid!
Pearls For Girls and Women
Cover Price $12.95
Site Price: $6.95

Synopsis: In Seeking Cupid, Don't Be Stupid! is a practical and complete travel guide to help you navigate successfully through the maze of feelings and circumstances while exploring subjects of the heart. Learn to adventure through the worlds of dating, courtship and marriage, not only without getting hurt, but actually growing stronger in the process. Discover how to invest your time and energy wisely so the desires of your heart come forth more easily. In addition to the rich subject matter which covers intimate topics such as identity, repentance, loss of innocence, guilt, habits and loneliness, throughout the book are also Girl Pearls—meaningful quotes of wisdom pertaining to women, as well as artwork designed to compliment, encourage and delight the feminine mystique.

Supports and Promotes: self-esteem, self-worth, inner-strength, communication, openness, observation, intuition, femininity, intimacy, marriage, growth, change, safety, humility, correct love of self and others, as well as slowing down the courting process to allow for intuition and common sense to be the arbiters of your choices, rather than your emotions.

Exposes: Willfulness, game-playing, manipulation, resentment, affairs, married men, poor personal and social habits, and predator/prey behaviors.

Recommended for: Girls and women of all ages, whether single, married, divorced, starting out or over. This intimate book will give you a new perspective on life, dating, identity, courting and marriage, and most importantly, on yourself! Also recommended for men who want to know what women are looking for, what they’re thinking, and how to better relate to them. Pearls for Girls is the perfect companion book to When Will Men Come Back Again?--listed below.

In Seeking Cupid, Don't Be Stupid!
Pearls for Girls and Women

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Pearls Series Presents....
Cover Price $12.95 
Site Price: $6.95

Synopsis: Spanning informative subjects such as Imprinting, Parental Dysfunction, Juvenile Delinquency, Prison and Jail, Deadbeat Dads, Repentance, Identity, boy-to-man rite of passage, Conscience, the Dating Man, and many more, this book points males of all ages and circumstances toward the virtues of man’s first estate, which was nobility...and stewards of the planet. Takes the grown, mature male and helps to polish and finish the final work to manhood optimum, and allows the fallen man to return to grace and his true destiny. Offering relevant insights and answers to questions of how and why their true identity was lost and how they’ve fallen away from their first occupation, this book will bring a measure of understanding to any who are perplexed by life, their upbringing, or who and what they have become, giving them a solid foundation to launch from to begin an adventurous journey of understanding themselves and others, and to take their places as true men during their brief stay here.


Supports and promotes: the virtues of honesty, integrity, conscience, character, accountability, moderation and true manhood.


Exposes: selfishness, greed, addictions, lying, stealing and predatory natures.


Recommended for:  Boys and men of all ages and circumstances to gain a better understanding of themselves and their part in life, society and relationships. Excellent for the young boys who are at the threshold of their rite of passage; and for males of any age who are open to live to their fullest potential, this book will bring about deep personal observation, reflection and, best of all, change. Also, this is the perfect companion book to Pearls for Girls - In Seeking Cupid, Don’t Be Stupid! --listed above.

When Will Men Come Back Again?


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Pearls Series Presents...
Do You Know Him?
Cover Price: $12.95
Site Price: $6.95

Synopsis: This book challenges you to take an honest look. Do you know God?...or, do you merely know a lot about Him? Are you still thirsty? Allow this book to help you discover why you are here, what is required of you, then how to complete the plan of God for your life. It is rich in Spirit and Truth principles (not doctrines or religion), designed to help awaken the inner person, so you will know intimately for yourself, which is the whole point. Included are riveting chapters of personal experiences and insights of the author which stir the inner parts and compel you to seek, ask and knock.

Supports and Promotes: Bible inquiry, seeking, self-awareness and realization, and knowing for yourself so not to take any man’s word on so important a subject matter; delves into the paradoxes and mysteries of life.

Exposes: Doctrine, denial, spiritual self-complacency, self-hypnosis (what you tell yourself), and explores how church can help or hinder.

Recommended for: Those who love God, prepare to love him even more. The book is rich in supporting the concept of sending back to God the lives he freely gave to us, and delivering what amounts to a giant Valentine to the Creator from the heart of His creation. For those who aren’t sure, who want to know for themselves, who have questions and are seeking to know more on the subject, be prepared for some good feedback and input; and for the skeptic, we invite you to consider the subject and what is presented, then ponder to your own satisfaction.

God I AM 

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Pearls Series Presents...
You Can Stay But Evil Has To Go
Cover Price: $12.95
Site Price $6.95

Synopsis: This book reveals what we are up against in navigating through the world, the flesh, and the enemy of our souls. The world’s agenda is not yours, the flesh must be acknowledged and brought under subjection, and finally, the prince of this world, who is not for us, met the Prince of Peace and fled for dear life, which is what he must do with you, thanks to the rights the Lamb of God has given his loved ones. Learn to use them to glorify God and preserve your earthly portion and well-being. This book is most effective in countering bondage of any sort, including deception, beguilement or thievery of one’s earthly portions and privileges afforded to us by God. Learn to eliminate confusion, doubt, fear and hesitation once and for all time.

Supports and Promotes: Spiritual intimacy, knowing, realization, redemption, salvation, taking what is your birthright and forbidding any person or thing permission to interfere with what God has given you, and emphasizes the words of Christ from the cross, They know not what they do.

Exposes: Spiritual theft, beguilement, intimidation, fears, and anti-God forces that subtly rob and deceive people of their every day joy and promised portions.

Recommended for: the more mature and serious sojourners and seekers, and those who want to know and experience all of what Christ came here to do and why. Fasten your spiritual seat belt.....from the first page on, and let’s suit up and learn how the battle is the Lord’s just by you knowing and applying the truth. 

It is Finished

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Pearls Series Presents...
What Would You Do With a Second Chance?
Cover Price: $12.95
Site Price: $6.95

Synopsis: Using characters from Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol and Ebenezer Scrooge as the focus, this uplifting story reveals the remainder of Scrooge's life for the 25 years following his visits from the Spirits of Christmas truth. Alternating between his new experiences and his personal thoughts and memories, the story captures what he accomplished, what he let go of, how he handled his business affairs and the people he had wronged, as well as those who were not ready to forgive him, and delves deeply into the transformed character, purpose and identity of the new Scrooge. It gives closure on the subject matter, and uses many relevant issues that face all of us in life today.


Supports and promotes: second chances, repentance, generosity, forgiveness, abundance, win-win, sharing and caring, and demonstrates how important it is to have depth and intimacy within one’s life as the primary reward. Teaches us to remain reachable, open and susceptible to change, and promotes the evolving of the human spirit to its potentials under all conditions. Also reveals what can happen when individuals fall and don’t get up, turn left or right and fail to come back, or give-up before their time. Page turner, tear-jerker and lesson-teacher.


Exposes: hardheartedness, greed, selfishness and bad banking procedures, including foreclosure, false rewards and bad-will toward men, making the point that he who has the gold does not rule if there is no justice, but only remains poor in spirit.


Recommended for: employers, wealthy people, stewards, all religions, and for personal reflection.

Epilogue of Ebenezer Scrooge


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in Poetry & Glimpses
by Kathleen Marie Brown
with a Foreword by Richard Alan Naggar

     It's been said that there are many ways to express one's thoughts and feelings, but none more graceful than in the language of the poets. Just as ballet conveys feelings and depths in dancing, poems speak and explore using one's thoughts and emotions. Not only does the author's sharing provide stimulus, but her poetry invites you to become part of the living experience of what you're reading. Poetry is a creation of mankind that mixes feelings with grandeur and wonder, then communicates it with loving care. It causes one to chew the life experience, releasing all the potent tastes and subtle rewards, instead of just swallowing it whole. Poetry hitches rides on clouds, lies still by the streams, speaks of love and devotion, tells of bravery and sorrow, travels through timelessness, shares great adventures with simplicity, allows nature and man to converse, causes generations to pass on legacies, and stirs the quiet, to make it speak or to command it to stillness. Traversing Life in Poetry & Glimpses invites you to create your own special journey,

     This book is the perfect companion book for Pearls for the Soul, a selection of over 800 positive and uplifting sayings. In the world of courting, you can call it the perfect date! Traversing Life and Pearls for the Soul. Both are perfect for contemplation, pondering and sipping nectar, or while tearing the meat off bones in the pursuit of the marrow.

Traversing Life in Poetry & Glimpses:


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