Pearls for the Soul . . . home of the Pearls Series of books

Pearls  for  the  Soul . . . home  of  the  Pearls  Series  of  books

home of the Pearls Series of books 

Welcome, Dear Reader,

     At the heart of the Pearls Series of Books is transparency. It is also the core of everything made in the image of God. When your inner parts are revealed unto you and you begin the journey to better the self, all things will be presented to you clearly and simply so you may do two things with what surfaces. First, to take what is not beneficial and cast it off, letting it have nothing more to do with you; and second, to feed what remains so it can grow and travel with you all the days of your life and beyond, too. The soul is a delicate matter consisting of love and purpose that must report back to the soul-Maker in order to trigger its final function, which is to activate it into eternity.

     This website showcases a collection of books. These books are about you, the Reader, and are designed to help stir your inner parts and assist you in changing the way your day, or your life, is going.


     How wonderful to take stock of our situations...but not in the way the world does.  No.  Life is more than food, shelter, clothing and material things. Without real life, none of these things have meaning. You are that life.

You Are the Captain of Your Ship

     What you are searching for is right inside of you waiting to be accessed and awakened. Once properly activated, a mysterious and wonderful journey that, as you travel, reveals purpose, meaning and understanding, while helping you navigate successfully through your day-to-day events.