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Pearls  for  the  Soul . . . home  of  the  Pearls  Series  of  books

home of the Pearls Series of books 


     The Pearls Series is a privately funded organization that supports and encourages inner growth and disciplines. The books help to build a healthy foundation to navigate from and return to by helping us discover who we are and what we are called to do during our brief visit here. Identity, purpose, origin and destination, as well as the part we play in our personal journeys, calls out to all of us until we answer that call. What we seek is brilliantly hidden within ourselves, wanting to come out as we live our daily, moment to moment lives. The Pearls Series is reader-centered, because it's about you!

     As human beings, we are meant to have inquiry, discussion and satisfaction on subjects which are vitally important to ourselves and to our journeys. Love, meaning, family, relationships, morals, conscience and well-being all need to be first acknowledged, then fed. We may be complex individuals, yet a little attention and time well-spent in the right areas, goes a long way to meeting our simple needs and requirements. The Pearls Series of books compliments and accomplishes just that. Meet the author and editor below!


Richard Alan Naggar (Richie), whose roots are founded in Judeo-Christian beliefs, was born in Brooklyn New York, and his love of the subways, tall buildings, shortcuts, alleyways and fences, provided quite a satisfying adventure for a child growing up. The author shares:


               “When I was a kid and in the process of growing up, to me adventure included the freedom to explore. That meant anything was fair game to check into. However, I found out that everywhere I went, I felt resistance to my constant inquisitiveness, and in many places it was just not welcomed. That left me only one choice: To find out things for myself. At first this makes for a harder, lonelier journey, but one that ultimately becomes very fulfilling because you find the root and cause of everything, which brings a peace with the discovery. Once you really know about something, you stop judging it. I did not know that my answers had to come from another Source, and until that Source and I were to meet up, life remained distant and elusive. Little did I know that my inquisitive behavior was a cry to God. Many years and circumstances later I read the Bible for the first time. It encouraged me to inquire further. When I read the Gospels, I was astonished to see how a decent man was treated rather unfairly. I wanted to know WHY? Eventually I learned to observe, listen and inquire, and not give in to any force that said otherwise. From there, and with the grace of God, I finally found what I was looking for. All my prior “WHYs” were to prepare me for the most important WHY of my life. I present this to you with the hope that your journey and quality of life is enhanced and edified, for none of us will be back this way again...”


               Eventually he moved to Los Angeles, finished growing up, and now resides in Riverside California. Along the way he managed to marry, have children, and earn a degree in Applied Studies. He has lived most of what he shares in his Pearls Series of books.

Kathleen Marie Brown, editor and publisher of the Pearls Series, grew up in Eagle Rock California, with passions for writing, horses, Elvis and poetry.

          After over 33 years of employment with the Federal Courts, she is now retired and grateful to be experiencing the rewards of a more meaningful occupation with the Pearls Series ministry, where adventures are presented, profitable conversation is exchanged, mysteries are revealed and valuable lessons are learned while traveling through this school of discipline known as life.

Kathleen lives in Riverside California.